Peanut Butter Machine

The high quality peanut butter machine produced by our company can meet the international standards.

Peanut butter machine is mainly used for producing peanut butter, sesame paste and other raw materials. Besides, the commercial peanut butter machine can also be used to grind peanut milk, soy milk, aloe Vera, pineapple, butter, jam, fruit juice, etc. It has the advantages of small size, easy operation, low noise and high efficiency.

Peanut Butter Machine

Peanut Butter Production Line

The peanut butter production line produced and developed by KMEC is made according to the market demand and driven by electricity. The unit equipment has high mechanization level and high reliability. A variety of peanut butter can be produced with the peanut butter production line. We are able to produce peanut butter production line with different capacity in accordance with customers’ needs and requirements.

Peanut Butter Production Line - Roasting Peanut Butter Production Line - Peeling Peanut Butter Production - Grinding

What We Do

Peanut butter machine manufacturer

KMEC is a professional peanut machinery and food machinery manufacturer, the main products of our company include peanut butter machine, peanut roasting machine, peanut dry (wet) shelling machine, peanut crushing machine, full automatic frying machine, sugarcoating machine and other peanut machinery. We are devoted to providing customers with required products and services with rich experiences and leading technology. Our efforts and attitude have won customers' trust and have built cooperation with customers at home and abroad.

We can produce all kinds of peanut production line and provide free technical guidance. Welcome customers to come for a visit and negotiation and for setting up the win-win cooperation with our company.

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